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Invitation Announcement from Organizing Committee

On behalf of the organizing committee of the DASAN conference, it is my great pleasure to
invite all the speakers and participants from the abroad and domestic in the DASAN Conference for
"Bio & Eco Sensing Technology for U-health and Environment", which will be held on November,
20~22, 2013 at the Jeju Grand Hotel, Jeju, Korea. Jeju is a beautiful volcanic island, famous for many
international tourists, located on the south of Korea.

The conference intends to discuss recent scientific and technological advances in the field of
"Bio & Eco Sensing Technology for U-health and Environment". The demand for simple, cost-effective
and reliable sensors or sensing systems has been substantially increased especially in the field of
biological/medical diseases diagnosis as well as environmental monitoring. The research in this field
strongly requires interdisciplinary effort from several specialties such as chemistry, biology, optical
science and manufacturing engineering, so the communication of recent scientific advances among
these groups is highly beneficial.

For this purpose, we have invited 30 distinguished scientists in Korea and 10 international
keynote lectures who are leading scientific developments in this field. We have arranged all 40
participating researchers to make their own oral presentation, so we strongly believe that the
conference will be an excellent forum that able to introduce and share the cutting edge results in the
field of bio and eco sensing technologies. In addition, it will also help us jump on more steps towards
for the development of relevant core technologies, and cooperation among the scientists in Korea and
rest of the world.

Finally, I hope that the conference will be productive and helpful for future researches and all
of the participants have wonderful memory in the most beautiful island in Korea.

Prof. Hoeil Chung
Hanyang University
The Chairman of Organizing Committee for DASAN Conference
for "Bio and Eco-sensing Technology for U-health and Environment"