Welcome Message

혻혻I would like to extend my heartfelt welcome to all scientists and researchers from home and abroad to the 2012 Dasan Conference. In organizing the Dasan Conference to be held during the upcoming three month period (August to November), the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST) has directed its efforts to bring impending agendas to each sub-meeting of the conference with a scientist's mission of the time.
혻혻Most parts of the world are recognizing a paradigm shift from a traditional industrialized society to a knowledge-based society. While the core elements of the industrialized society were natural resources, knowledge has become the key part of a knowledge-based society and in particular the knowledge of science and technology. As such, the critical role of the competitive talents in the fields of science and technology is the creation of this knowledge.
혻혻This year the Dasan Conference will be held at this juncture to not only address timely topics, but explore alternatives of them such as Functional Annotation of Human Genome Using Mouse Phenotyping, New Century of Superconductivity : New Era of Energy Technology, The Development of new technologies for the control of emerginginfectious diseases, From nanotechnology healthcare platform to clinical anomedicine, Green Chemical Industry for Environment and Health : Fluorine Compounds.
혻혻The aim of the Dasan Conference is to seek a future vision of science and technology through in-depth analysis by integrating the multidisciplinary areas of current research topics and bridging the basic research institutes and the industrial laboratories. The Dasan Conference will serve as a venue to promote cooperation among scientists and researchers while addressing the cutting-edge topics in the fields of nature science, engineering and agriculture and fisheries, health science, general science.
혻혻Indeed, I hope the Dasan Conference continues to support scientists and researchers of the world to work closely together toward our goal of developing science and technology and to forge a network among them to establish a feasible collaboration.
혻혻On a last note, I would like to express my deep appreciation to the organizing chairs of each sub-meeting and staff for their tireless and invaluable dedication to making this conference a success. I wish each and every one of them success and health.
Thank you.

  • Bio & Eco sensing Technology for
    U-health and Environment

    11.20 ~ 11.22
    Jeju, GranHotel
  • Photonic Nanostructure-Based
    Bio-Detection Technologies

    09.26 ~ 09.28
    W Seoul-Walkerhill
  • Recent trends in probiotics studies and
    evaluation of functional foods

    11.04 ~ 11.07
    Jeju, Ramada Plaza Hotel
  • Antibody Technologies for future

    10.31 ~ 11.02
    Hongcheon, Vivaldi Park