Selection of interdisciplinary topics or relevant issues in the areas of advanced science and technology that have drawn international attention or have promoted national interest
Inviting prominent international scholars to hold in-depth conferences to exchange knowledge and information in latest trends and practices in science and technology
To promote a human network of experts that can enhance national competitiveness and technology, and contribute to national development of scientific technology


  • Bio & Eco sensing Technology for
    U-health and Environment

    11.20 ~ 11.22
    Jeju, Grand Hotel
  • Photonic Nanostructure-Based
    Bio-Detection Technologies

    09.26 ~ 09.28
    W Seoul-Walkerhill
  • Recent trends in probiotics studies and
    evaluation of functional foods

    11.04 ~ 11.07
    Jeju, Ramada Plaza Hotel
  • Antibody Technologies for future

    10.31 ~ 11.02
    Hongcheon, Vivaldi Park