Domestic and international scholastic participants reside together in the same location for a period of time where topics will be presented or discussed.
The conference will be operated in a closed form for only those invited speakers and place a premium on the "off the record" presentation of previously unpublished scientific results and on the consequent adhoc peer discussion.
English will be the official language used in all presentations and academic discussions.


  • Bio & Eco sensing Technology for
    U-health and Environment

    11.20 ~ 11.22
    Jeju, Grand Hotel
  • Photonic Nanostructure-Based
    Bio-Detection Technologies

    09.26 ~ 09.28
    W Seoul-Walkerhill
  • Recent trends in probiotics studies and
    evaluation of functional foods

    11.04 ~ 11.07
    Jeju, Ramada Plaza Hotel
  • Antibody Technologies for future

    10.31 ~ 11.02
    Hongcheon, Vivaldi Park