The KOFST benchmarked the Gordon Research Conference with international reputation and initiated a KCIST 2002 to promote development of national science and technology, heighten international competitiveness through academic discussions and exchange knowledge among scientists to improve the quality of research and contribute to society.
Dasan Conference, which once called KCIST, will continue to host prestigious science conferences domestically to improve national competitiveness on key scientific topics by inviting a selected number of renowned international and domestic scholars who will participate to improve and promote the country's competitiveness in the areas of core scientific techniques.
Dasan Conference was held for ten consecutive years from the year 2002 to 2011, consisted of specific fields such as science, engineering, agriculture and fisheries, health science and general science in accumulation of 32 times of prominent conferences with over 1,850 participants. The conference has developed great authority in the area of advanced science and technology.


  • Bio & Eco sensing Technology for
    U-health and Environment

    11.20 ~ 11.22
    Jeju, Grand Hotel
  • Photonic Nanostructure-Based
    Bio-Detection Technologies

    09.26 ~ 09.28
    W Seoul-Walkerhill
  • Recent trends in probiotics studies and
    evaluation of functional foods

    11.04 ~ 11.07
    Jeju, Ramada Plaza Hotel
  • Antibody Technologies for future

    10.31 ~ 11.02
    Hongcheon, Vivaldi Park