Welcome Message

Welcome to 2013 Dasan Conference!
Dear Colleagues and friends,
On behalf of the organizing committee, we welcome you to 2013 Dasan conference, to be held at Vivald Park in Hongchen, Korea from Oct. 31st to Nov. 2nd, 2013.

Under the theme of 'Antibody Technologies for future Biotherapeutics', the conference consists of six sessions, four areas :
New Platform Technologies, Innovative Antibody Drug, Bio-better & similar and Antibody Therapeutics, Clinical Perspectives.
About 30 distinguished scientists who are leading antibody field globally will participate in the conference and discuss the present and future of antibody therapeutics.
The Dasan Conference will be one of the exciting opportunities not only to exchange experiences and knowledge but also to build a global network of scientists from various countries.
We cordially invite you to attend and your participation will make 2013 Dasan Conference more valuable.
We are looking forward to seeing you in HongCheon, Korea this fall.

Dr. Beyong Doo Song and Prof. Se Hwa Yoo
Co-chairs of the Organization Committee for the Dasan Conference