Welcome Message

On behalf of the organizing committee of the 2013 Dasan conference, it is my great pleasure to invite all the speakers and participants at home and abroad for the 2013 Dasan Conference with the main theme of "Probiotics and Health Claims", which will be held from November 4 (Mon) to 6 (Wed), 2013 at The K Seoul Hotel, Seoul, South Korea.

The conference intends to discuss on the recent trends in probiotics studies, regulation issues, and evaluation system of functional foods which are commercially available. For the application of emerging functionalities of probiotics related to human health and disease prevention, scientific basis of the effectiveness should be appropriately proven and establishment of the ideal evaluation system of the probiotic functionalities is also required. In this three day conference, recent trends and new approaches on the evaluation system of probiotics will be beneficially exchanged among the participants .

Toward this end, about twenty distinguished scientists are invited around the world, consisting of six sessions in the conference according to their expertise as follows: Probiotics, From Strains to Products; Challenges for Tailoring Probiotics Efficacy; Probiotics for Gut Revolution; Metabolic Syndromes and Probiotics; Health Benefit Claims for Probiotics; Future Innovation Issues for Prebiotics and Probiotics.

We cordially invite you to attend so that your participation will make 2013 Dasan Conference more successful. We are looking forward to seeing you in Seoul, Korea.

Prof. Sung-Sik Yoon
Chairman of the Organizing Committee for 2013 Dasan Conference